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The TAPARURA project was launched to achieve reconciliation between the City of Sfax and the Sea. On April 6th, 2006, TAPARURA project works were launched. On August 28th, 2007, the hydraulic fill to the north and up to the Summer Theater on the road leading to Sidi Mansour was launched (North extension of the project).

The Consortium

Following an international tender, the contract for the clean-up and rehabilitation of the TAPARURA area was awarded on March 30th, 2006 to the Consortium consisting of the following companies:

- Jan De Nul (Belgique)

- Envisan (Belgique)

- Somatra-GET (Tunisie).

The work for the isolation of the phosphogypsum deposit have been carried out by the Company: Soletanche Bachy (France)

Supervision mission

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has also financed the services of the Consulting Bureau Royal Haskoning (NL) in the form of a grant. This mission is specifically entrusted with supervising the cleanup and rehabilitation works entrusted to the Consortium. This mission is committed to working throughout the work on the site. It is also entrusted with ensuring the follow-up through a few missions during the warranty period of two years. It consists of a head of mission, experts recruited upon request, cadres and technicians on site. The value of contract services amounts to € 2,442,400.

Technical Assistance Mission :

Technical Assistance Mission A Technical Assistance Mission was launched by the EIB through a grant to strengthen the capacity of the SEACNVS through jointly creating the PMU, and to this end, a service contract was signed between the EIB and the Consortium of Consulting Bureaus: DHV Environment and Transportation (NL) / SCET (TUN)

To ensure this technical assistance mission, the latter consists of a team of Dutch and Tunisian experts whose competences cover the various disciplines involved in the TAPARURA project, as well as the planning of the future urban area in collaboration with the International Consulting Bureau: Kuiper Companions.

The main objectives of this mission are to:

• Develop a management plan for the project and ad hoc procedures,

• Ensure the global follow-up of the works, funding and financial commitments,

• Prepare the territorial planning of the urban area and develop a master plan,

• Develop a marketing phase for the area,

• Ensure the timely launch of studies necessary for the subsequent technical planning of the area (road networks, various services, urban management, etc …), management of tenders and subsequent contracts.

The value of this mission is 2,415,669 Euro.

The Project Management Unit (PMU):

The Project Management Unit (PMU) is the entity entrusted to carry out not only the cleanup project in itself, but also to ensure in the following period, the harmonious, ecological development of the cleaned up area reclaimed from the sea and valorize it.

The PMU consists of cadres from the SEACNVS, some of whom temporarily on secondment from the Ministry of Equipment, and others are directly recruited by the SEACNVS and benefit from local and foreign technical support.

The Company for the Study and Planning of the North Coasts of the City of Sfax (SEACNVS):

 The (SEACNVS) is responsible for research and implementation of the Taparura project works, was created in 1985. It is a limited company having public participation and under the supervision of the Ministry of Equipment. The capital of the SEACNVS amounts to 2.25 million dinars divided among 13 stockholders.

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