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Article Site « Radio Sfax » of october 24,2017 Article « Chamseljanoub » N°8 of August 2017 Article « La Gazette du Sud » of August 2017 Article Site Journal « La Presse » of December 06, 2016 Article Journal « ASSARIH» of December 06, 2016 Article Site « SFAX ECO » of December 06, 2016 Article Site « WEB ... Read More »

The Studies


Study of Elaborate pre-project of TAPARURA project,  Complementary study to the study of environmental impact: filling the northern part of the site and stabilization of the new coast. PDF document,  Study of environmental impact (TAPARURA) January 2004   Study of environmental impact, general report, September 2002  Study of the urban demand of the housing market in the city of Sfax ... Read More »



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