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Workshop “Urban Development”


A workshop was held in Tunis September 4, 2015 regarding “Urban development” organized by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations French and Tunisians, an intervention submitted by Mr. Mohamed Lakhdar Gasmi, CEO of the Company for the Studies and Development of the Northern Coasts of the City of Sfax  titled ” Scenarios of the realization of the second phase of ... Read More »

Certificate of Liberation


The National Radiation Protection Centre certified on  August 4, 2015 that the Taparura project site was completely cleared to waste (phosphogypsum residue and solid waste) from industrial activity of the former NPK incorporating materials NORM. This site has no radiological impact on the local population and the environment for the present and for the future. Read More »

Urban Project Finance Initiative Workshop


The Urban Project Finance Initiative (UPFI) is one of the pillars of the Euro-Mediterranean Sustainable Urban Development Strategy, as stated in the declaration of the First Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on sustainable urban development held in Strasbourg on 10 November 2011. It was launched during the SOM in April 2014. UPFI is managed by AFD ... Read More »



a press conference will be held Friday, April 10, 2015 between 16 pm and 17 pm at the Company for the Studies and Development of the Northern Coasts of the City of Sfax organized by ” BEIT ELKHEBRA “ Association which it will be planned a seminar entitled “  Urban planning and sustainable development: Sfax 2030” on 14 & 15 ... Read More »

Health Certificate

certificat sanitaire modif

Within the framework of maintaining the biodiversity of the future urban park of the Taparura project zone and as a follow up indicator of the park ecosystem, the company installed units for the production of bees. In this regard, the necessary analyzes were carried out on the extracted product (honey). The company thus obtained a health certificate to prove the ... Read More »