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The Project

Excavation de la plaque de phosphogypse

In the process of being updated  Implemented works  The objective of TAPARURA site improvement concerns “the cleanup and rehabilitation of the north coasts of the City of Sfax.” These works are a single batch and the main components are the following:  Excavation of the phosphogypsum plate The deposit of phosphogypsum is surrounded by a plate covering an area of ​​approximately ... Read More »

The Society

siège vue gènèral

 (SEACNVS): In the process of being updated   When you see Elle Fanning in the upcoming Marc Jacobs ads spaccio woolrich bolognaHow to Dress Like the Classic Kate Middleton Read More »



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Press Articles about TAPARURA


Article Site « Radio Sfax » of october 24,2017 Article « Chamseljanoub » N°8 of August 2017 Article « La Gazette du Sud » of August 2017 Article Site Journal « La Presse » of December 06, 2016 Article Journal « ASSARIH» of December 06, 2016 Article Site « SFAX ECO » of December 06, 2016 Article Site « WEB ... Read More »